As the pre-eminent organization of women lawyers in Ontario, WLAO is continuously asked by the federal and provincial governments, the Law Society of Ontario, the Ontario and Canadian Bar Associations and other professional organizations to comment on initiatives which may have a particular impact on women lawyers. We regularly solicit the views of all our members on the important proposals on which we are asked to comment. If you want your voice heard on matters which will have a direct impact on your practice and your profession we can make this happen! Join us now to take part in this crucial aspect of our mandate.

To further our purpose of advancing the interests of women in the legal profession we aim to be proactive in bringing issues of particular concern to women lawyers to the attention of those who can address the challenges our members face. We welcome our members’ comments on the areas in which we should expand our advocacy efforts.

We have been speaking out for women lawyers since 1919 and with your involvement our voice will get even stronger.


Women’s Law Association of Ontario
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