A Chief Justice of Ontario's Advisory Committee on Professionalism

"...to maintain and encourage those aspects of the practice of law that make it a learned and proud profession."

Composed of representatives of the judiciary, the Law Society, the legal academy and various legal and county law organizations, the Committee acts as a steering committee and a clearinghouse to generate ideas and to make recommendations to other organizations and individuals within the legal community about initiatives to enhance professionalism.


"Defining Professionalism" - the elements of professionalism based on key components or "building blocks" of professionalism.

Papers from Colloquia on Professionalism - materials from past colloquia, which are educational programs designed to encourage professionalism after the call to the bar, covering a range of subjects on professionalism - a co-operative effort among the legal organizations in the province and Ontario's law schools.

Ongoing initiatives:

Advancement of the ideal of professionalism - exploring methods and opportunities for teaching professionalism in law schools and in the first five years of practice, including creating a database for use by the law schools for curriculum, developing a professionalism "tool kit", intended to provide law firms with educational resources for associates, and a series of six continuing legal education sessions led by distinguished members of the Bar to talk to lawyers about ethics and professionalism.

Communications - to promote broader use of materials from the colloquia and advancement of professionalism groups, including a catalogue or tool kit of materials that can be used for professionalism programs and development of subject-specific self-contained teaching modules on professionalism, and exploring the possibility of publishing professionalism material, including that from the colloquia, in hard copy for supply to law libraries.

Taken from: http://www.lsuc.on.ca/latest-news/a/hottopics/committee-on-professionalism/


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