Premiere Gala on May 9th at the Beaches Cinema.
Sparked by the #metoo movement in the US that exploded with celebrity outcry, W’AT ABOWT US looks at the diverse aspect of this issue. This film touches on the lives of eight women from all five major cultural backgrounds who share their truth of experiences in the home, in the community and the workplace. 

These women share their stories of emotional, physical, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, work place harassment and child molestation. W’AT ABOWT US extends the credibility of this issue in ways that mainstream media has not been able to, pushing the envelope for the need of education of these issues at a young age. Moving and poignant at a time when consciousness shifts from repression and aggression to openness and compassion, it is destined to inspire and grow the contagious trend of standing up for your rights.

Tickets are $45 for a VIP rate and the regular price is $30. Please contact us at by May 2nd if you are interested in attending – we can save 33% on tickets if we put a group of 10 or more together.