The Fall Mentoring program Mentee intake is now closed! Any Mentee applications will re-open in Spring.   

Mentor applications are accepted at any time.

If you are interested in joining the program, forms must be completed during a Spring or Fall intake session for Mentees, and at any time as a Mentor. You MUST be a member of WLAO to become a Mentee.

Mentors! Earn your CPD credits by mentoring with WLAO.

WLAO Mentoring Initiative

WLAO is your professional organization. We believe our program will provide you a different and unique kind of mentoring experience - learn more.

Application forms are only open during intake for Mentees but are available year-round for Mentors. Please fully  complete application forms accessed through the links below:

Application to become a Mentee (now closed) Check back with us in spring for our Spring Intake. 

Application to become a Mentor

Mentors - please email at any time - we are very interested in adding you to our list of available Mentors!

Committee Chair - Noeline Paul 

Mentoring has deep historical origins and was at one time the only method of education for lawyers to learn their trade. Even today, mentoring remains the most effective method of passing on skills and knowledge and has been shown to be a faster way for less experienced professionals to gain the wisdom of their more experienced colleagues.

WLAO addresses the needs of women lawyers with a proven 100 year track record; networking, supporting and promoting women in law is what we do.

The WLAO mentoring program will facilitate a structured formal mentoring relationship governed by standard agreements setting out rights and responsibilities. Both parties will have clear boundaries so that expectations remain reasonable and attainable. Agreements between mentors and mentees will include limitations on the liability of Mentors and the time expected to be committed to the relationship. Initial mentoring relationships will be on a trial basis (less than 6 months) but may be continued or extended by agreement between participants.

WLAO will place special emphasis on personal fit so that each match made will provide the opportunity for optional benefit to women who can relate to one another on both a personal and a professional level.

Good mentoring provides both the Mentor and the Mentee with a sense of confidence and accomplishment. It’s a very worthwhile investment of your time and energy. We are counting on you, our members, to make this WLAO initiative a great success. Roll up your sleeves, get involved and help us to make this the best Mentoring Program ever!

For more information on the program and upcoming events, please visit, email or call 416-410-7267 or 1-888-723-8883.

Mentoring Events

Visit the Events page for information about upcoming programs and events.


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