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Helpful Hints for Protégées

What sort of things can I contact Mentors about?
Generally, anything to do with your career such as how you can get into the career you
want, how to change direction, or getting particular help in your current job to aid

How far can Mentors go to help?
Please do not misunderstand the mentor’s role. They are not there to offer you a job or
to become directly involved in disputes or other client matters. However, they can help
guide you with respect to these issues.

What sort of things should I have thought about before I contact a Mentor?
It will always help to start from the basics; reflect on your existing skills and experience
with appropriateness and validity being the key. Once you have constructed your
skills/experience, it will be easier for the Mentors to assess your situation and offer
practical advice.

Determine your goals for your career and for the relationship. Though these may be
refined and reevaluated throughout the term of mentorship, it is useful to have a realistic
target from the beginning. This will assist the development of an action plan with your

How much contact should I have with my Mentor?
It really depends on what you need, and how much time the mentor is prepared to give.
We do recommend at least 2 hours per month through whatever means of contact works
for you and your mentor.

Term of the mentoring relationship
We recommend a term of at least 9 months to a year. It takes a few months to establish
the mentoring relationship, which is of optimal benefit once the mutual trust factor is
achieved and both parties become comfortable with one another. If you would like a
shorter term of 6 to 9 months, please indicate this on your questionnaire so we can be
sure to accommodate.

Who do I contact for help?
Ronda Bessner
Mentoring Committee Chair,
Women’s Law Association of Ontario
Email: bessner@rogers.com


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1 Toronto Street, Suite 900
Toronto, ON M5C 2V6



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