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March 12


Addressed to Dave Maclean, Holder of the Title  Principal, NSCC Marconi Campus
Legal Document


8.07 Form Revision in Accordance with Student Appeal Policy Act of NSCC Marconi and by De Facto unstated policy of The Nova Scotia's Teachers Union.

Formal Student Appeal to be Commonly Known as Roach's Rights

The informal appeal process has been attempted; resolution to my complaint has not been achieved;

Please indicate:

8.02 I (Jason Roach) do not believe Mediated Resolution will not help in this matter. The use of the word recommend explicitly states that Informal Resolution is not required so I will fore go its use in this process as is my right.

8.03.01 Direct Resolution attempted?  __no _x_yes - if yes, date: February 7th, 2012, March 7th, 2012

8.03.02 Mediated Resolution attempted? _x_no __yes - if yes, date: Null I, Jason Roach, negate all parts of the NSCC Student Appeal Policy regarding to timeframes of legitimate appeal. They are based on the informal process, an optional part of the process, and therefore are not valid.     They are also executed in a manner that hides the Formal Appeals Policy.

As documented above, I have exhausted the avenues for informal resolution of my complaint as outlined in the Student Appeals Policy: I therefore serve notice of Formal Appeal.

Student ID Number: I Jason Roach hereby recognize as my LEGAL PROPERTY.

Student Address and Title: His Sovereign Entity of 99a Center St. Sydney, NS self-identified as the particular individual named Jason Roach.

Program/Course Name: Information Technology - First Year - Application Development Stream - Web Programming

Detailed Reason For Appeal:

My name is Jason Roach.

To further your understanding of me as a learner and as an individual, I will attempt to give you a brief synapsis of my oft-stated, well-defined and realistic job goals but first I present a cute story from my childhood. When I was eight years old, after learning to read, I started to talk lots and lots in class about the books we read. My teacher, Mrs. MacDonald decided to put my desk in the top left corner of the room with a 4 foot box surrounding my desk in response.  The year previous I had scored in the top five percent in Math for my age and others in Canada. My teacher Mrs. Jeans must have been a saint because I barely remember her. But the previous year, my first year in school, I distinctly recall being called stupid by my teacher Mrs. O'Toole because I was left-handed and I witnessed her verbal abuse a young girl so bad the child wet herself in fear. Bad cop, Good cop, Bad Cop.

At the age of 12, I was slightly blessed at birth to live in a society where watching elaborate scripted stories on demand (i.e. Hollywood) was a reality. One of those experiences was that of Jim Henson's Labyrinth.

At that distinct moment, discovered my life's purpose. Crafting Mazes. I have a portfolio of over 200 pieces of artwork. Couple of commissions. I've been published sparsely. I've produced a prototype of a reusable maze format. I've scores of scientifically proven universal design theories. I'm a self-taught Photoshop Master. I'm

All of this was accomplished under my own initiate while not even a recipient of a high school diploma.

During the two decades it took to amass this wealth of self-validation, I had to work a series of demeaning jobs that had little or no real value to me or anybody at large.

At the age of thirty- four I found myself in personal experiences and relationships that forced me to take stock of my life and my world. After much deliberate and brutally honest self-assessment and world assessment. I set about plans of action to enable me to achieve a well-defined and admirable career goal. To establish a free market video game development studio that would at first produce games based on my mazes and then games of other local games makers in my home town, your home town,  a place and people in desperate need of my leadership and industry.

Step one was to get my high school diploma. Via the extraordinarily flexible system of the Adult learning Program, NSCC did what 16 years of public education could not. Recognize my right to do my own thing. This was done by using the simple but beautifully true premise that there is no wrong way to learn.

Three months to graduate with honors. Un/fortunately that put me one year ahead of my five year plan.

I decided to return to the workforce until I could file an application for The I.T. Year one program. At this time I was like many not very cognisant of what computing really entails but via nscc literature (the website) identified it as the product most able to get me to my goal and the stated process of the stream refinement of my input curriculum for the second half of my learning period seems like a perfect fit in theory.

Due to my previous experience in the NSCC (via ALP) I had very high expectation and great enthusiasm. Since the start of this poorly executed debacle starting 2011, the enthusiasm is no longer to be found and my expectations very much lower.

Prior to the Christmas break the entire student body of the IT stream was required to sign a document declaring their intended stream choice to start after the Christmas break.

This is the first time this process has been performed.

I readily signed what I thought was a declaration to join the programming (now application development) stream. I do not have a copy of this document. It is of primary importance for me to see that document as I believe that I signed into the database programming course under false pretenses to disguise the fact the I as well as 7 other students were being taught the wrong curriculum to properly prepare us for next year's curriculum due to unreadiness of those at nscc Marconi that plan the curriculum.

We've been defrauded.

On February 1, I sent the following private well-articulated respectful plea for help to the instructor of my SAAD 1002 course, Jim Barrett.

"From: Roach, Jason

Sent: January 30, 2012 3:42 PM

To: Barrett, Jim

Subject: general notification of dissent

jim due to my belief system, i find the system analyst course to cause me great amounts of distress.

If i have to define my self politically I define myself as complete north on the nolan chart for policital leaning.I.E. textbook libertarian.

That means that I believe its a form of oppression to be identified/defined as anything other than 1 Jason Roach. "Jason Roach" has rights imperfectly deemed immutable LAW by my luck of the draw nationality.


none of these classes has any inherent rights.

This belief is actualy enshrined in our charter rights and freedoms.The freedom of association.The power of the user to join any or no groups.(the no groups part is wildly abused by just about every social structure on cant "opt out" of rights.)

Putting people in a database puts them in a group. I morally object to this. I would not take any job that would involve this. I would quit at any work place if forced to do so.

I also have the firmly held belief that the day to day critical thinking exercises i accumulate during this learning period will serve me far long in life and my future career than the actual textbook resources, so it is my best interests to use fictional contexts(store inventories or game systems) that would actually be the stuff of my working day instead of scenarios that cause me discomfort(people as the manipulated data ).

Most of the text book is fairly noxious to me in its content and context. It is obviously designed for predictive programming or teaching a world view that promotes certain behaviors. It is most certainly portraying the future as a massive big brother state and my role in it as a Beta. I find this to be the antithesis to my core values .

I  have no problems with systems analyst course in regards to fundamentals its tries to convey(uml,time/resource management,leadership/team dynamics, etc).Nor do I have problem with you or the way you do your job.The grouping together for the team project i'm justifing to myself as a necessary evil because working on projects with peers (in this specific context)will benefit me.

I feel I've presented my case clearly and concisely.My solution to this problem would be to assign me projects of a more pedestrian nature for example the kayak company scenarios.People systems are a nogo and i'll just as soon quit that put myself through needless grief.

I didn't show up for class today as I'm not a tactful person so I'm likely to blurt all this out but putting you on the spot with all this "attitude" in a group setting would be unacceptable to my sense of empathy.

Again I reiterate that this not an attack at you. I am not attacking the messager.I'm just looking out for my best interests."

Jim Barrett I assume read the email and forwarded it to Fred Tilley as he (Fred Tilley) initiated contact in a request for a one on one meeting.

I agreed to meet Fred Tilley on the morning of February 7. *****when Fred Tilley changed the format of the engagement at the last minute he put me at an extreme disadvantage as I stated at the beginning of the meeting. I had a meeting with a group consisting of Fred Tilley and Bruce Hubsley where I thought I behaved in a cordial, civil, rationale manner. I explained my view that I felt the content and context of my system's analyst course to be misaligned with my goals. I suggested multiple options through which I could achieve both nscc's and my goals. Specific options mentioned were RPL or CAAT assessment, alternate assignments with the same nscc objectives and others. All of these options were categorically denied without due diligence. ***** (This is the academic decision I'm appealing.)*****

I brought up concerns that the literal minority of the student body (males i.e. me) had no additional resources white the literal majority (females) had offices set aside with paid staff. Bruce Hubsley attempted to use historical facts to justify current policy. I respected his effort but his argument fell flat as I mentioned two other arbitrary classes have preferential treatment and paid staff('blacks, and natives') and proceed to rhyme off those arbitrary class distinction that do not get help "white, Asian, Hindu, gay, etc. "

As a note, as I (like any 35 year old returning student) should have RPL assessment as a prerequisite for any nscc learning plan.

During the meeting only the "freedom of failure" (literal term used by Bruce Hubsley) or pragmatism in the face of no other option were offered.

I ended the meeting by stating that while I would participate sincerely with the requirement that my faculty would be notified of my concerns. But if the trend in content/context of my SAAD 1002 course continued I would fail it and I knew at that time that my education was in jeopardy.

On February 10 I was asked to sign another declaration of my stream. I still have that document. And it states in no uncertain terms that the course I had been asking for flexibility in (SAAD 1002) is not even a requirement of my previously stated plan. The course I as well as seven other students are supposed to be taking (SAAD 1001) is not offered by Marconi and I suspect unteachable at Marconi due to staff qualifications. I ask if this point if either Jim or Fred or Bruce had foreknowledge of the prerequisite problem and if knowledge was withheld from me as a letter dated February 10 for his student's consumption that would have been of approved by Fred Tilley prior to the date of February 10th.

Fred Tilley mentioned that this was also a threat assessment meeting due to my use of the Nazi Germany death camps as a response to an assignment that in the resource material assigned referred to both Wal-Mart and PepsiCo are paragon members of society and specifically named rfid chips (better known to the general public as the Chip. Fundamental Christians believe it to be THE MARK OF THE BEAST and why I subscribe to no one philosophy, I concur with their overall assertion of GREAT DANGER TO HUMANITY) as the new hot trend in information technology. It also strangely showed a picture of a white male student submitting to biometric identification to gain access to a college. At this point I must mention that the resource material was not actually available from NSCC while the assignment's due date  came and went.( I have in my possession a Failed Mark that I received while my education providers could not provide me with its prestated requirements. I had to procure a free digital copy of the book via the free internet. (I site Fair Usage at this point.)There's a whole chapter on object oriented programming that contains no code and pictures of stickmen with labels. (This by the way is the only relevant chapter to my stream in the book. It was skipped by faculty.)I find it no great coincide that nearly all of my practical coding assignments in other courses involve putting electronic representation of people (files) in cages (databases).

I am fairly certain now in retrospect that my original plea for help was not fairly considered. I believe business interest (and unethical/criminal ones at that) to be the main motivating factor in my Case and this is patently unfair.

After a month of playing along and seeing myself fail with no explanation as to why. I can produce a returned 200 word assignment from Jim Barrett with 0/10 and "not a business" as his only contribution.

And that sentence fragment is 100% incorrect in the context of the assignment and the course curriculum.

And after the single horrendous event of Jim Barrett instructing me and my peers to form a legal society and create self-governance laws and proceed to make class hierarchies amongst ourselves .I point out at this time that the groups were already decided and stream separated so Jim Barrett was aware he was teaching two classes and had to know at this point he was teaching us the wrong material.) This assignment is so far removed from the libertarian belief system that as an act of desperation in response to seeing my entire life plan being ignored to be replaced by what I consider slavery in willful ignorance of my stated wishes. I felt compelled to send the following email:

"From: Roach, Jason

Sent: March 5, 2012 5:09 PM

To: Barrett,Jim; Tilley,Fred; Andrews,Darren; Nolan,Gary; Billard,Gary; MacGillivary,Cory; MacLeod,Ian


Due to the previous outcomes of my requests to be given alternate assignments to those i found distressing due to my personal beliefs, i now feel compelled to explicitly state the following:

I(JASON ROACH) will not accept any assignment dependent upon group activity.

I will not accept any assignment on topics related to self-governance/adult behavior/civility (human relation, professional development, etc.).

I will not accept any assignment that requires me to approach third parties.

I will not accept any assignments that require play acting.

I will not accept any assignments that require a purchase beyond tools of the trade.

I will not accept any assignments that include scenarios involving compulsory or unauthorized human electronic records.

I will not accept any assignment that requires me to work for a wages paying business without recieving wages.

I will not accept any assignment that requires me to make what I believe to be an immoral act.

I will not accepted a failed grade for any of these afore mentioned types of instruction.

I reserve the right to refuse future instruction based upon  moral criteria .

All of the afore mentioned statements are due to my belief system.

I request that at the start of each school term I am given a syllabus of the assignments due throughout the term with their stated objectives so that as I am given time to negotiate the context of my schoolwork with my faculty so that it 1) simulates the general day to day practices of my future career goals, 2) lends my enthusiasm, ingenuity, and engagement I have for my personal interests for subject matter that i would not normally find engaging, 3) enable my faculty to assess, guide, and mentor me in a way that meets the objectives of both Jason Roach and nscc and 4)doesn't put me into ethical quandaries like I find myself in.

These are not unreasonable demands. These are fair warning in response to unreasonable demands."


Fair warning (legal definition)

Adequate notice in a law that certain acts constitute criminal behavior.


When Darren Andrews passed me written instruction explicitly opposed to my legal wishes he had foreknowledge that I would react as though I was a victim of crime. I Jason Roach (in this document)will not accept punishment for self-defence. The first incident report is illegal and incorrect. The second incident report proves I am a victim of crime as it clearly shows me reacting in self-defence at being labeled a "Threat". Only criminals see fair warning as a threat.

At this point, due to the fact the employees of Marconi have misrepresented this email in forms that through function arbitrarily denies my living wage, my purchased service, and my stated legal wishes and charter rights motivated by gross incompetence or deliberate criminal acts. I feel compelled to explicitly state the following LEGAL PROCLAIMATION:

I Jason Roach, provably being made of the chemical molecules (H2O) defined legally as a Canada, State the Following.

I Jason Roach (in this document) claim the natural but hereto undefined Canadian Charter Right to Explicitly Define My Charter Rights and Freedoms under the proviso that I coherently summarize said Explicit Charter Rights in a Legal Document.

I Jason Roach (in this document) claim the natural but hereto undefined Charter Right to have all products of my predetermination be recognized as Legal Documents.

I Jason Roach (in this document) claim the natural but hereto undefined Canadian Charter Right to review and pass Judgements of explicit, coherent approval or denial of any defined or hereto undefined legal document that applies to me THE SOVERIEGN ENTITY Jason Roach (in this document) in any context EXCLAIMATION POINT!

I Jason Roach(in this document) claim the natural but hereto undefined Canadian Charter Right to extend Canadian Status to any Self Aware Individual Entity provably molecularly comprised of any amount of both  Hydrogen and Oxygen under the proviso that I legally document it and the Self Aware Entity documents it on a separate legal document of his Action.

I Jason Roach (in this document) claim the natural but hereto undefined Canadian Charter Right to negate any defined or hereto undefined legal or financial instrument that negates my Personal, Charter or hereto undefined rights or causes me (or any other) harm or takes that of my work or any other reason I deem fit under the proviso I cause no harm to others by my actions and I coherently summarize my rationale in a Legal Document.

I Jason Roach (in this document) claim the natural but hereto undefined Canadian Freedom of Predetermination. Predetermination as legally defined as any rationally derived plan of action for a desired result that causes no harm to others.

I Jason Roach (in this document) claim the natural but hereto undefined Canadian Charter Right  to copy any legal document under the proviso that it seizes to be legal copy (as defined as an exact duplicate) if altered. The altered copy is someone else's legal document but that's not my problem. *If you own a pen, you're free *

I Jason Roach (in this document) claim the natural but hereto undefined Canadian Charter Right to

Gain Membership into any LEGALLY DOCUMENTED GROUP that seeks to interact with the SOVEREIGN ENTITY Jason Roach(in this document) or his LEGAL PROPERTY.

Due to the fact that both incident reports filed with my legal property ( no actual vocabulary spoken during the events, do not contain reports from all witness and the fact that I have already been found guilty and punished by a stranger makes me talk very ,very sternly to you in the next information packet. Please prepare yourself. (You, Dave MacLean, MY PRINCIPAL PAID DEFENDER and LEGAL ADDRESSEE of this FORM and BINDING LEGAL DOCUMENT, SIGNED a letter punishing me without giving me a chance to prove my innocence   . You, Dave MacLean, attempted to deny free access to public geographic location by a Canadian. You, Dave Maclean, are responsible to account for all of the other offences explicitly stated and as of yet undiscovered in This FORM and BINDING LEGAL DOCUMENT. You, Dave MacLean are in OBVIOUS FAULT of my Charter Rights. You've never even seen my face or shook my hand. You, Dave Maclean, treated me like a NUMBER not a PERSON. You have done me GREAT HARM in RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS. From you, Dave MacLean I expect nothing less than a primary private apology followed by a public stated apology. I expect your full due diligence in making sure that your group/s treats my group/s in a realistic, legal, fair manner from this point forward.

I honestly believe Darren Andrews to be criminally mistreated by his employers for requiring him to perform illegal acts. I honestly believe all of the students of this year's be victims of criminal fraudulent activities. I honestly believe Fred Tilley to be GUILTY of deliberate acts of HARM towards THE SOVEREIGN ENTITY known as Jason Roach.

Solution Requested:

Some of you need to grow up and let me go my own fucking way about life. Take some responsibility in your life and stay out of mine respectfully.
Corruption/Criminal investigation at all levels.
Third Party Certified Curriculum Review and Third Party Reproofing of Instructor Merit.
Immediate NSCC structure reform with a PRIMARY focus on Student and Staff Self-Determination.
Listen to Jason Roach when he talks because he's usually right. He may be forgetful of your limited vocabulary but he's nearly always right and easily admits to his mistakes and actively seeks to right them as well as the mistakes of others.
Take off Yesterday's shoes and Tomorrow's hat and do what needs to be done right now the right way.
Legal Dissolution of the Nova Scotia Teacher's Union and Legal Formation of a Learner's Union comprised of the Groups hereto known as the Student Body and The Nova Scotia Teacher's Union and ALL OTHER WAGE-EARNERS of NSCC Marconi undefined at this Point.
I honestly don't know how you can fix the harm done to me. I am now a social pariah. Thirty six years of being happy because I'm exactly who I want to be and you hurtful little kids are still treating me like an insect because of it. My livelihood has been revoked suddenly and unexpectedly. I have seen the Look of Fear in the eyes of my mentors and I now have little to no respect for them as people and rightly so. If I can't find a job in one of the most depressed job markets on Earth within the next 2 weeks, I have to go homeless.  I was well into my Destiny and your negligence and fear and criminal behavior has ground it to dust and all I did was ask for help to make games for teaching kids and create jobs in our home town. Let me lead you(all of you)  to the end of the maze and FREEDOM for all of us or stay where you are, lost in the dark, playing Games that make you sad and harm you, yours, me and mine and I'll fix the world around your perfectly legal childish temper tantrum and not be worried in the least.

All electronic documents mentioned in and presented in this document have been forwarded to variously involved parties including but not limited to my faculty and my fellow students and can be easily verified as unaltered.

After this document has been received by its original Addressee, it can/will be duplicated and retain its legal status and given to other addressee/s under the proviso that it will remain unaltered by the Duplicator as is my (Jason's) Charter Right.

I agree that the Hearing Panel can have access to and use any records of my academic performance and any relevant assignments, tests, examinations, or other course-related materials for the purpose of review in relation to resolution of this appeal and I Jason Roach (in this document) receive legal Copies of all documents for my Summary Judgement including documents generated by The Hearing Panel.

Dated on March 12, 2012 by the common estimation,


Jason Roach.

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