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Jane Kupolati
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Criminal Defense, Family Law, Human Rights, Legal Aid/Pro Bono, Personal Injury - General, Professional Liability
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I am a Master of Laws student at McGill University (completion date, August 2020). Research area is Criminal Law.

Experienced student with a history of diverse professional experiences. Strong legal research skills (derived from research training sessions), analytical skills, problem solving, team work and leadership skills. Wide experience with using Westlaw and LexisNexis - as well as little experience dealing with Practical Law. Able to critically apply substantive law and tackle complex legal problems. Legal enthusiast working towards a career in law practice.

On a side, but important note, I am musically talented. I play four instruments - saxophone, clarinet, piano, guitar - sing and write songs. Actively, however, I am self-learning the piano and guitar. Music is a form of self expression to me. The majority of my musical works are birthed out of my experiences - with the goal to encourage others!



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